Velentine Day Special

 Valentine Week Days 2016 

Rose Day:

The day when you are free to buy as many roses as your pocket can permit you for your loved ones. The love week kicks off on the 7th of February every year. The Valentine week celebrations start on this very day all around the world. Red roses depict love, which in turn can be offered to someone you love deeply and can give him/her a proposal.

To celebrate this special day you can buy some roses along with some chocolates or a lovely greeting card or you can event write some special Valentine’s messages or some lovely poems for your loved one. Rose denotes sweetness and the message of love and affection can be easily sent through them. We have some great Rose Day Messages on our website.

Propose Day:

The day when you can express your love and propose that special someone. 8th February is celebrated as Propose day and is the second day of the Valentine’s week. This day can be celebrated by proposing your boyfriend or girlfriend.  This day is celebrated almost in every corner of the world. Young boys and girls wait for this day the entire year to woo their loved ones to showcase their love.
Go ahead and propose the one you love by giving/sending them a bunch of flowers. (you can also get down on your knees to impress them more 😉 Some even propose for a long-life relationship on this very day. Many people also consider this day as lucky and have their marriage arranged on this day. We also have some curated some great Propose Day Messages.

Chocolate Day:

This is the third day of the Valentine’s week  and is celebrated worldwide and is very popular among the younger generation. It is celebrated on the 9th of February. The day is celebrated by spreading love by giving out chocolates. Lovers gift each other chocolate boxes, champagne-chocolates and celebrate this day by spreading sweetness all around.

Chocolates are considered to be having ingredients which lightens up the mood and spreads joy. Go ahead and buy a box filled with some sweet and wine chocolates and gift them to your loved ones, the chocolate box can also be accompanied with a bunch of flowers and a special note to make the day more special. We also have curated some great Chocolate Day Quotes.

Teddy Day:

Teddy Day is celebrated on the 10th of February every year. This day is celebrated by gifting a teddy-bear to your partner, girlfriend or boyfriend. Some friends also gift teddies to each other to express their friendship-love. Teddies are favorite among women, girls so guys keep a check on this wonderful day whether you want to express your love or impress them go ahead a cute soft teddy along with some champagne and a box of chocolates, you are truly to sweep her off her feet and make her day more magical.

Promise Day

This is the fifth day of the Valentine’s week and is celebrated on 11th February. This day is the day when lovers promise each other to be there with each other for life. Partners feel secure when a promise for life is made with them, it show that they truly care for each other and no matter what they will stick together through thick and thin. So are you promising your loved-one to stick around with them for life? We also have some Promise Day Quoteswhich can be left as message if you are away from your loved-one.

Hug Day

Hug Day is celebrated as the sixth day of the Valentine’s week and is celebrated on the 12th February. On this day people hug their partner, friend, loved ones to express their warmth for them. Hugs usually makes the partner feel secure and protected for life. As per studies a hug for 20 seconds brings a lot of happiness and lightens up the mood. So who will you be hugging on this day. We have some lovely Hug Day Quotes which can be sent to your loved ones.

Kiss Day

Kiss Day is celebrated as the seventh day of the Valentine’s week and is celebrated on 13th February. This day is celebrated by kissing your partner and expressing the love and the fondness for them. A day just before Valentine’s Day is celebrated by showering kisses to your loved ones. A kiss can say a lot about a person and can surely denote that they truly madly deeply love you. We have also curated some great Kiss Day Quotes which can be sent to your loved ones

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the eight day and the final day which brings an end to the entire Valentine’s week, It is celebrated on 14th February all over the world. It is also know as St. Valentine’s Day. It is not celebrated as a public holiday. It rings in the festival of romance and many people give letters, chocolates, flowers, presents to their partner or spouse. Are you ready for Valentine’s day this year ? Lovers, couples a shout out to you go ahead and make your partner feel special by arranging something special for them like a great meal at home or at a restaurant. A candle-light sounds great and can help you show the warmth and the affection towards your partner. We also have curated some great Valentine’s Messages, Valentine’s Quotes on this website.
We hope you enjoy this years valentine with your loved one. If you are single you find a new partner, if you are in a relationship may your love prosper and bloom. Go ahead and celebrate a love-filled Valentines Day. Happy